International Transport Forum

2012 Annual Summit / Seamless Transport:Making Connections




Connekt/ITS Netherlands is a public/private network that connects parties to work together on smart and sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. Connekt consists of more than 120 members, from governmental bodies, companies to knowledge institutes. Connecting members and sharing knowledge, skills and initiatives are a priority at our network. The aim is to use pre-competitive collaborations to develop markets for companies and to implement policies for authorities effectively.

Connekt pays continual attention to current mobility related issues and particularly focuses on intelligent transport systems (ITS), logistics and public transport. Since mobility issues are increasingly solved within an international setting, Connekt maintains contacts with various international (traffic and transport) organisations. These include UITP, International Road Federation, Ertico, International Transport Forum, European Commission and the United Nations.

As a network organisation, Connekt organises a range of activities in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and cooperation between members throughout the year. Connekt is funded by its members for this type of activity and also carries out specific projects put forward by the members.