International Transport Forum

2012 Annual Summit / Seamless Transport:Making Connections




Champion cities move 50% of goods by cycle
“50% of all the light goods moving around our cities could be delivered by cycle,” says Dr. Randy Rzewnicki, Project Manager at European Cyclists’ Federation. We’re not only talking about pizza deliveries. Bikes can carry loads of 250 kg, with volumes of up to 300 litres. They can carry anything from legal papers to test tube vials. CycleLogistics is the optimal solution for first and last mile delivery: it’s cheaper, faster and CO2 emission-free.
The EU funded CycleLogistics project aims to get hundreds of cargo bikes moving tens of thousands of loads across the EU.

Try Cargo Cycles at the Summit
You can discover a wide range of bicycles at the CycleLogistics stand and try them out yourself outside the congress center.