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Greenpeace's vision of a seamless transport sector fully integrated with all other energy-consuming sectors in a completely CO2 and nuclear-free system

Greenpeace Energy 3.0 Report

Last September, Greenpeace published the Energy 3.0 report which seeks to tackle not only how to meet the demand for electricity, but all the energy needs of all sectors in mainland Spain exclusively with renewable energy and how to do it in the simplest, quickest and cheapest way – and also sustainably – thanks to energy efficiency and intelligence as well as through full integration of all energy-consuming sectors.

The study shows that the Energy 3.0 system is technically viable and highly beneficial compared to the business-as-usual scenario from every perspective: technical, economical, environmental as well as land use.

Under this perspective, an intelligent transport system is able to satisfy mobility services with a great reduction in energy consumption thanks to efficient vehicles and high occupancy levels achieved through shared mobile services. Most of the transport is electric and the vehicles exchange energy with the grid; in this way, consumers participate in the operation and management of the power grid providing valuable demand-side management services and demand-side response and facilitating the integration of 100% renewable electricity.